March 19th, 2018

Читай, коль английский ты гражданин, особенно если гражданка.

Иногда пытаюсь просветить англоязычных граждан лишенных доступа к целительному источнику русскоязычной информации

Contrary to stereotypes women play a very important part in the life of my country. My boss is a woman, as well as her 3 deputies for example. In my local clinic the head doctor is a woman, and there are only 3 male doctors out of fifteen. Most judges are women too. My mom and her mom were career professionals. 

The 8th of March is a bank holiday. On that day all men are supposed to show respect to our female coworkers and relatives (on ususal days we are simly afraid of them, as one American woman who lived in Moscow told me " Before I lived in Russia I thought that we, American women were the most straightforward but now I know" ) Some people mock at this custom but most don't. Even the most feminist women usually don't mind flowers, cards of small presents. For example I bought a bottle of French wine for 4 female coworkers and a box of chocolate for another one because she is expecting. 

Usually such gifts are considered inaproppriate but on this day it is ok.

В ответ пишет англичанин\нка

I so miss the 8th March celebrations in Russia, what a happy day; everyone smiling and in a good mood helped on by some Shampanskoye. Men walking home with flowers and boxes of cake, every woman has a flower in her hand. The food, and the toasts to all women, praising their beauty & intelligence. Feministka or not, all women liked it.

Have a great day!

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